June 22, 2024

A stream of thoughts and ideas can be seen on the forums, about some farming mission that would provide a steady source of Kuva. We as Warframe Players strive to get anything we can from our hard-earned gameplay and this might be an interesting one.

Kuva is not something you get in huge quantities, but it can’t hurt farming it every now and then. Sadly, the Kuva Siphon missions are gone (we miss you). So here is a rundown on what could happen in certain (or all) mission nodes.

How to get kuva?

Kuva is not something you get in huge quantities, but it can’t hurt farming it every now and then. The only Siphon that remains (that we know of) is the Kuva Fortress mission.

This mission puts you into a Grineer Asteroid base where the Grineer are harvesting Kuva from these big floating octopus-like creatures they captured. You may notice that these creatures can’t attack, so you have to destroy them. This way you get the Kuva and the Solar Rails in the area (which also drop a few kuva) become free and available for grinding purposes.

What is Kuva Farming?

Kuva Farming is about finding a way to get Kuva, and then using it. You can’t buy Kuva in any shop or anything like that, you just have to work for it. The only place we know of where Kuva can be harvested currently is on the Grineer Asteroid base in the Kuva Fortress mission.

The Best Kuva Farming Mission

So what makes a Kuva farming mission? There are many different objectives, here is a list of the most common ones.

– Kill all Grineer (including the Teralyst, Eidolon hunters, etc.)

– Survive until extraction (or the timer runs out)

– Capture all objectives like control points, towers, etc.

Resources for farming Kuva

– Wiki

– The Warframe Forums, advanced users may have good ideas for farming.

– You can ask other players on the same mission. It always helps to know more about a mission and what is going on.

Tips and Tricks to make the process easier

– If you can solo or bring along a friend, it’s always beneficial to add additional targets. However, keep in mind that it should be worth the time and effort!

– Use Warframes and weapons with AoE damage so you don’t have to chase Grineer all over the map.

– Bring along your best farmable equipment, so you can kill, capture or survive with ease.

– It is not always worth it to stay in one spot the whole game. However, there is always an exception to this rule…

– If you can’t bring along anything with AoE damage, then staying in one place makes perfect sense because you don’t want to chase down Grineer all over the map.

– If you are in a group, try to split up and cover areas that can be exploited by each player, this way we secure larger areas, and more Grineer die without us having to move around or chase them down (just don’t get split up too much!).

– Activate your Focus abilities like Energy Vampire or Animal Instinct to increase your maximum Energy pool. You might need it, if you start running out of Energy during the mission (which happens).

– Keep yourself up-to-date with mods like Rage and Energy Siphon for better Energy management.


I hope you can use this Article and do further research, to come up with the most optimal Kuva farming mission. If you have anything to add or think that I missed something important, please leave a Comment below! Warframe is all about teamwork and clan play, so let us know what you found out on your own Kuva farming missions.

Happy farming!

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